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Meet Liane and get inspired!

Liane Zabel skillfully blends feminine intuition with artistic talent always on the search for perfection and to reach the best practical customer service. She loves helping other, works as a trainer, allowing people to experience this profession, supporting them, delving deeper into the permanent makeup art, creating long-lasting experiences, this is her true happiness.

Her life motto is:  "You can do and reach everything! Never give up, believe in you and your success, learn whenever you get the chance, and don't forget to live!"

It looks like I have it all figured out, it hasn’t always been this way…

I was born and raised in East Germany (under a socialist system). I began my professional career at 16 by learning to be a hairdresser.

I quickly felt that this was exactly the kind of work I wanted to do, it came easily to me and I loved working with customers. After I worked for a few years as a stylist, I wanted more! I went back to school (Academy of Skilled Crafts) and earned my master craftsman certificate for hairstyling and makeup.

With my master craftsman certificate I was promoted to salon manager and trainer, gained a lot of good experience at beauty shows, found my career fulfilling and was all in all very happy.

​Presentation - New Man Haircut/Style

I am working on a big Hairdresser Show

Working on my model on a workshop!

Then in 1989 everything changed! Until then the world knew only Germany as two separate nations, I lived in the East, and that year we were finally to become one unified Germany.

The Wall fell! We were so happy at first. Soon I began to realize that my previous life no longer existed! Everything was turned on its head, for all of us! Western standards came to the East, and with them also unemployment, a new currency, whereas our money lost its value and people lost half of their savings. The West’s legal system was implemented and its labor market situation too, everything changed! Nothing was as we had known it! The whole process took two years, in which I lost my job; in the meantime I had to take another job just to survive, and it wasn’t clear to me where things were heading.

After a while, I did get a job offer as a teacher and trainer for students at the vocational school and my life took a new, exciting direction! We build a house, I opened a spa salon, continued to work as a teacher and trainer at the school and as a PMU (Permanent Makeup) artist. I also trained young people in my own salon and soon opened a second location. I worked very hard, I worked three jobs at the same time, loved my customers, was happy. I didn’t notice that I was always working, and my life totally revolved around my business! I felt fine, and felt that my success was a confirmation to me that I was on the right path!

And then came the fateful day! What happened?

I had my annual medical checkup. As I sat opposite from the doctor, my hands resting on the desktop, he suddenly asked me if I had pain in my hands, because my fingers looked so crooked, and whether I generally had any pain. I laughed and just said; 

"Yes, doctor, of course I hurt at the end of my working day. Especially in my hands, that comes from my job as hairdresser and beautician. I don’t notice the pain when I’m working; it first comes after midday and gets worse at the end of the day. I’ve always had it!”

The doctor gave me a serious look and asked whether I would be willing to undergo further tests. Sure I was willing! It would be good to know what the matter was!

I was back home, back to my job, my life. I had already forgotten about the tests when the phone call came, asking me to come back to the doctor’s office. I went, thinking, it won’t be so bad, what could be wrong?

I wasn’t ready for the diagnosis that I was given. Only little by little did I begin to realize how serious it was! Not life-threatening, but drastic, and life-changing! I had an aggressive form of arthrosis, a joint disease, not yet rheumatism, but on the way to developing into that. I thought I would be given pills and then continue with my life. Wrong! Due to German labor laws, the doctor had to speak with my trade association’s insurance provider and share his findings. As a result I had to undergo another entire round of tests for the insurance company (to double check the diagnose) and I had to wait again for the results.


At the beginning

Advanced Arthritis

It was not so easy to wait it out, as I now knew that if the insurance company came to the same conclusion as my doctor, it would mean the immediate end of my professional career! This insurance company covered me as an employer, but also my employees, a so-called “occupational insurance”, which all tradespeople in Germany need to be able to work! If the insurance company determined that I, as an employer, am unable to work, I would have to shut my salon immediately!

The blow came unexpectedly; they determined that I was 75 % unable to work – I lost everything! My business, my salons, my house, and the final verdict were that I’d be in a wheelchair in about 3-5 years if I didn’t stop working. I was 36 years old then, and had so much of life ahead of me! The irony of it was, I wasn’t sick enough to receive disability, so I had to find another job. But it was impossible to find a job that I could performs with this diagnosis.

After the first shock subsided I went back to my doctor. I wanted to ask him what I could do. He was very nice and he took the time to talk with me, in contrast to the insurance company’s doctors! He knew what had happened and wasn’t really surprised to see me. We had a good talk, and he said, “I think you may still have a chance. Are you courageous, and not afraid of change? If that’s so, then I’ll give you some advice. Move to a place where it’s warm, where they don’t have winter and where the people are more relaxed.”

I went home and talked it over with my family. There was an alternative! We decided quickly that we would leave! We’d move to a country where it’s warm, where I could practice my profession again and where I’d have a real chance to live a normal life.

A New Beginning Outside from Germany!

In 1997 we started all over again, just a few months after the diagnosis, after we had lost our home and livelihood. I opened my own beauty salon, my husband found a job, and my son had to find his way at a new school. We had to learn the language, but we were happy! We were together, I was doing much better and we felt that it had been the right decision.

I knew that it wasn’t really that simple, as this illness had to have a cause and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. It wasn’t enough just to know the name of illness and that I would have to use a wheelchair, if .......? Well, what?

I searched the Internet, read a lot and found out that I had made a lot of mistakes in the past and had basically rolled out the red carpet for my illness. How? I had worked since I was 16, sometimes 10 hours a day, rarely took breaks, let alone a real vacation. I never thought of myself, or just not enough. During the day I never drank enough, never sat and rested, never thought enough about my own needs and wants. I just worked, not noticing that I was losing myself and so what had to happen was what happened, I paid the price, my body had spoken!

And so I changed my life completely! I started a new diet, allowed myself breaks, and took Sundays off. I improved every day, my hands didn’t hurt so much, my body began to relax, I had pain only rarely now, and all that without medication. I worked long and intensely for six to eight months during the year, as that was high season on the island and we in service industries made our money then. In the summer I had a lot more free time and I could relax, and “recharge my batteries” for the winter. We could have happily continued like that, but then everything changed again!

My Beauty Place in Puerto de la Cruz

My Hairdresser Salon

My Cosmetic Room

Europe launched the Euro as its currency in early 2000, which meant that everything got more expensive, savings accounts lost half their worth, the people on the island had to deal with complete losses in a very short time. The tourists stayed away, and that led to lesser income and more unemployment. Food became expensive, rents and house prices went through the roof, the tourists and the snow birds spent less money, which meant that eight months a year of intensive business dropped down to five months, and sales were lower even during that time.Life changed completely, for us as well. It was very much like when the Wall fell in 1989!

We were foreigners on the island, not really welcome during such a total change for the worse, and that meant packing our bags once again and moving on if we didn’t want to lose all our money and fall into poverty. And again we were faced with the question; where should we go after 11 years in Spain?

The Third New Beginning!

It had always been our dream to go to America, and so we looked into it again. We knew that it would be hard, that as Germans we couldn’t just pick up and move there. In 2008, it was time, after several years of effort. The USA had raised the bar again for immigration, but Canada opened its doors to immigrants and we took the chance. We moved to Canada, and underwent a long and uncertain immigration process. In the end we were given permission to stay!

We started from square one again! It was long and hard to get our bearings again, to learn the language and get established. We had the advantage of more experience; nevertheless we were beginning all over once again.

I started up my own business again, but this time not a total service package, just as a PMU artist. It was slow going, with many financially painful setbacks. Again we had to earn money to survive.

I love my job, this always spurred me on when I thought that it was all over! I have so many ideas for the future, and I believe and trust that a wonderful, professional success is waiting for me!

The Sapphire Blade, a unique Microblading tool, came into my life at just the right time, a gift and a messenger of fortune.

The Sapphire-Blading System!

​Consisting of;

Pen/Sapphire-Blade - Training - Treatment

The Sapphire-Blading Tool

To get more information about the "Top Reasons to use the Sapphire-Blade", you can download the E-Book here:

Finally I can experience perfection in drawing permanent eyebrows! I had searched so long for this!

Finally I can once again do what I love, which is to train interested people.

Finally I can show what I can do, and develop freely.

Finally, after more than 30 years as hair stylist and more than 20 years finding my way as a PMU artist, a new door opened my door!

I will walk through it and accept the challenge put before me. I will follow my destiny, helping people find and experience their passion and their own unique talents as PMU artists.

I succeeded in conquering my illness, I have wrestled with three new beginnings in three different countries, starting from scratch, and I know that a new, successful time is coming! It was all worth it!

Through this whole time a certain memory encouraged me to keep going, the memory that every time I was working on a PMU customer, I was in my own world. I was immersed in my art, very close to the customer, and feeling her trust in my work and in me. It was such a wonderful feeling, to be able to do something I love, and experience the customer’s gratitude immediately. I never want to lose that again.

Again; working as a trainer, allowing people to experience this profession, supporting them, delving deeper into this art, creating long-lasting experiences, is true happiness for me.

“You can do it, never give up, believe in you and your success, learn whenever you get the chance, and don’t forget to live!”


I am the first permanent makeup artist using the new, unique "Sapphire-Blade" microblading method in North America!
I train permanent makeup artists to draw beautiful, permanent eyebrows quickly, safely, and naturally; to provide excellent service and pleasant treatments for their customers; and to dramatically increase their sales!

Sapphire-Blading Eyebrow Results

During the Treatment

After a Treatment with the Sapphire-Blade!

Sapphire-Blading Result!