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Sapphire-Blading Trainer or Distributors Wanted

Want’s to be a Sapphire-Blading Trainer/Distributor in the Near Future?

If you have questions or if you still need more information you can contact us here;

When you use this link; you will find a lot more information about the Sapphire-Blading Method. You will get information about the benefits, you can download an Ebook for free, you will find the information about the possibility for an online training and much more.
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Is online learning the future for education?

Is the Beauty Brange ready for online training courses?

In the past, if you wanted to learn a profession, if you wanted to go further, build up courses, you searched for a course suitable for you, paid a fee and then had to plan ways, travelling time and travel expenses to be able to participate.

This was before online training became more and more topical – the online learning revolution began!

I still belong to the generation that went into professional life without having internet, without emails, without social Network etc. If I wanted to develop further, when I wanted to learn new techniques or methods, I had to book courses / workshops and then develop on a weekend. That meant; No leisure nor relaxation for me, little to no time for family and friends when I was traveling to learn new things. I wanted to learn something, but I also wanted to have more time for myself, a week in the job was already long and exhausting enough.

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How to Provides a NEW Microblading Tool great Results?

Micro blading is an integral part in the field of cosmetics. A new Micro blading tool makes work easier, and provides great results. What is that means; "A new Microblading Tool?"      

The fashion world sets the trend - and so, the times of thinly plucked eyebrows have passed a long time ago. Full and of course yet natural, so she is seen at this moment, as the perfect trend brew. With very thin eyebrows, I personally have no problems. I am naturally blond with a trend to rather bright eyes.  

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