Microblading – Still the number one micropigmentation method?

Microblading – still the number one method to get tattooed eyebrows.

We know the past few years, it appears to be that the brows are taking center stage. We’re all about beauty, anti-aging. Helping you learn how to eat better, be leaner, more fit, more energetic. And also look better.

A lot of what I do is minor cosmetic procedures that help people appear younger in this competitive world like Needling and Plasma Cosmetic.

I’ve been doing permanent makeup, microneedling and medical cosmetic for many many years. And I have a lot of experience with it. Today, we have something that’s unique.  This procedure called microblading. And it’s actually putting in eyebrows for women that get really thin eyebrows. It’s a semi-permanent type thing. Almost a tattooey procedure.  It’s a method of tattooing where it actually imitates the natural hair strokes. So it’s not like a tattoo that just a solid tattoo that fades out sometimes in different colors.

It’ll fade naturally over time but it imitates real hair strokes. It looks real. It’s just a great way to kind of have your eyebrows filled in with that natural look at all times.

Microblading is kind of different than a permanent make up type. I know more and more artists  do this microblade procedure. What advantages to that over traditional painting your eyebrows or something like that? Just because it’s permanent or – it’s semi-permanent so it’s – Meaning every couple of years?

Yes. It can last from six months to two years. But you might want to get a touch up every year just if you need it. But it doesn’t go as deep as a tattoo. So there’s not a lot of trauma to the skin as you would have with a regular tattoo. But, it just goes right underneath the skin. I implant that pigment as a natural hair stroke.

Today, everybody heard about this method to get nice natural eyebrows and so many people have it done, but did you hear also about a new awesome microblading method – the Sapphire-Blading method? The complete procedure is very close to the normal microblading method, but here – the blade is a Sapphire – we cut the skin very gentle and very careful.

I use and train this microblading technique for two years now and don’t want change it. My customers are very happy with this method and the eyebrows are looking more natural than before.

If you like to get more information, why not!? You can go to my website:  http://microblading.unique-beauty-line.com or you can send me an email for more information: uniquebeautyline@gmail.com

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.


Ps. You heard about the new microblading method; “Sapphire-Blading”? Click here for more information.