Is online learning the future for education?

Is the Beauty Brange ready for online training courses?

In the past, if you wanted to learn a profession, if you wanted to go further, build up courses, you searched for a course suitable for you, paid a fee and then had to plan ways, travelling time and travel expenses to be able to participate.

This was before online training became more and more topical – the online learning revolution began!

I still belong to the generation that went into professional life without having internet, without emails, without social Network etc. If I wanted to develop further, when I wanted to learn new techniques or methods, I had to book courses / workshops and then develop on a weekend. That meant; No leisure nor relaxation for me, little to no time for family and friends when I was traveling to learn new things. I wanted to learn something, but I also wanted to have more time for myself, a week in the job was already long and exhausting enough.


I admit it was also great to meet colleagues and exchange ideas, but after the two/three days of workshop they all went back their ways and we never met again, or will never again!

Why I can inspire me to create online courses and offer them .....

Let's go to a physical seminar room to learn a new technique or method. What awaits us?

  • The structure: Course materials are limited and often only cover the topic.
  • How fast / slow can all participants follow the exercises and / or are blocked through questions and comments and / or we lose time.
  • Only limited media is available.
  • We are dependent on the depth of the teacher's knowledge and have no influence whatsoever on new and knowledge.

If an online course is done correctly, an online course has the power to break every single constraint mentioned above.

What is the difference between physical workshops / lessons and online training?

Easy! When I visit a physical workshop/continuing education, I get to know the seminar topics and lectures although in advance, but I am forced to book a complete workshop/training, although I may be interested only in a small part of the entire seminars that are offered. I also have to rely on it and hope to get a coach that is really good and not only uses repetitions or unilaterally oriented information that is self-limited.

Online courses are also available and have to be paid for. You don't even know what to expect at the beginning and whether the person who created the course is an expert. However, what makes the difference, I do not need to book complete packages, but can find out the course I need for my business, where I can learn something new, so-called postgraduate courses.

For example; You already had a micro bladder training, you have your certificate and can work with customers and offer this technique. While you are working, you are stuck, somehow you are still not so happy with your results, you had imagined it easier. You have the feeling that your technique is not yet mature enough and are looking for help.

What are you doing? You are looking for another course and you have to find that somehow they are all the same and you are allowed to take a lot of money again, but you really don't learn something new.

You are looking for a course that will help you to learn more about individual areas of treatment.

That is exactly my goal with an online academy. Only I cannot reach the goal, I need you to do this! Your suggestions, desires and the topics that interest you, where you want to know more.

An example; measuring the eyebrows according to the golden ratio method. Did everyone understand that? Was this ever explained and shown that it was understood? If not, can you find a single course that you can book to learn again so that you can understand it and finally apply it?

Do not hesitate to contact me and tell me what you are missing and would like to deepen.

Write to me and I am happy to go along with you in new ways. Use the comment form below or send me an email to;

Thank You,  Liane