How to Provides a NEW Microblading Tool great Results?

Micro blading is an integral part in the field of cosmetics. A new Micro blading tool makes work easier, and provides great results. What is that means; "A new Microblading Tool?"      

The fashion world sets the trend - and so, the times of thinly plucked eyebrows have passed a long time ago. Full and of course yet natural, so she is seen at this moment, as the perfect trend brew. With very thin eyebrows, I personally have no problems. I am naturally blond with a trend to rather bright eyes.  


I remember I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror in the morning with my eyebrow pencil, to make my eyebrows visible and to highlight them. But unfortunately, I often had the problem that it didn’t last for long, especially in summer when I sweated!

After I had learn permanent makeup, many customers had already successfully got new permanent eyebrows; it was also time for me, to finally draw with the eyebrow pencil.

I also got permanent eyebrows, but still with the machine, because the manual method (called Microblading) was not known at that time.

In the meantime, this manual method has become an absolute trend and has been further developed so that we can always draw more precise eyebrows that are in no way inferior to the naturally grown eyebrows.

More recently, a new tool has been designed on the market to draw eyebrows very naturally and in the finest hair line technique. It is the Sapphire Blading Tool. This tool has a special feature as opposed to the previous manual tools. While in conventional tools the cutting face consists of needles, which are arranged in a row and therefore look like an edge, the tip of the new tool consists of a White Natural Sapphire; it is very sharp and has a lot of advantages.

I heard about this new technology some time ago, and I was very curious about what it was all about and wanted to know more. 


In this E-Book I talk about a new system for creating fine natural permanent eyebrows.

I have been working in the Permanent Makeup Business for more than 25 years and I can say most of my clients had worries that the treatment may be very painful, which was often the case at the beginning (more than 25 years ago). Of course, the technology has continued to develop, the machines and needles have improved many times, the creams or lotions we use for the anesthesia have become more effective and thus, over the last few years, much has been done to make the treatment more comfortable for our customers and also for us.

In early 2000, I first heard about the manual method in Spain and wanted to know what it was. I also learned this permanent makeup method to draw permanent eyebrows, because I realized that you can actually draw the eyebrow hairs finer, and much more natural than with the mechanical method. I was thrilled, but as it is the case at the beginning, when something new wants to conquer the market, this is still the so-called childhood disease.

The Sapphire Blading Tool is an enormous evolution, because the needles are manually applied to the skin and adds more color to it and the hairs also look finer in the result, but the skin is more torn than cut, since the needles are not really sharp. The new Micro blading tool is a revolutionary innovation, and improvement. 

Anyway, I immediately loved it and my clients too; they could now relax during the treatment. The new blade has it all!

The advantages are very extensive; especially the treatment which is much more pleasant for the customers, which is the main focus! But also for us PMU artists, the drawings are much more relaxed and the results are much more natural.

If you are a permanent makeup artist and you are interested in Microblading and the new tool, because you want to bring your service to a new level, download the e-book where you will get all the information on the Sapphire-Blading Tool.


In this E-Book I talk about a new system for creating fine natural permanent eyebrows.

I decided that, in the future I will only work with the Sapphire Blading Tool and look forward to offer my customers such a great service.