Welcome to our Shop Information Page. 

Watch the video below to get the information what products we offer and scroll down to be informed about how you can order.

To get more information about the online training, visit;

https://unique-online-academy.thinkific.com/courses/sapphire-blading-online-training-course for Sapphire-Blading Training and

https://unique-online-academy.thinkific.com/courses/plasma-cosmetic-training for Plasma Cosmetic Training.

How you can order our products?

Immediately after you paid for the training course you will get an email with your Shop login information. We have the shop page password protected to be sure that only artist they have the training done can order the products.

Thank you for your interest and understanding! Hope to see you on the other side soon!

If you need help or more information, contact us; uniquebeautyline@gmail.com​